Climate change effects on banking asset returns

3 ways to ensure your climate risk strategy is ready for a low-carbon future.

Prepare your data strategy for a low-carbon future

Banks are quickly adapting strategies to integrate climate change risks into their asset returns calculations, but a key challenge is securing accurate and sufficient data to use in risk modeling. In this blog, we describe how to improve data and modeling infrastructures to make your organization’s climate-risk strategy ready for a low-carbon future.

Read our recommendations on:

  • Obtaining specific and accurate geospatial data to model banks segment physical risks to your assets
  • Understanding the importance of the physical characteristics of collateral and its adaptations to climate change
  • Sourcing better historical data related to climate events and environmental regulations

Learn more about the physical risk data challenges KPMG faced, and the methods we developed to secure the climate data your bank needs to assess incremental credit losses missed by traditional models.


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