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Reimagine your digital work environment through a digital employee experience

John Doel

John Doel

Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US

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Bhavini Patel

Bhavini Patel

Director Advisory, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US

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Talent is the fuel of every organizations’ growth strategy. Attracting and retaining top talent through modern experience can drive productivity increases, efficiency gains, and cost savings. To provide a great digital employee experience (digital EX), organizations must create a seamless digital work environment that is embedded in the tools employees already use, be personalized to individual user needs, and sensibly link to the way people move throughout their work lives—particularly at the most critical points of the journey.

To become future ready, enterprises must reinvent the world of work and empower a changing workforce. Reimagining the digital employee experience is an essential part of that evolution. Learn how to deliver a world-class digital EX, read our white paper.

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ROI on digital EX

Potential benefits include:

  • Improved labor retention
  • Improved talent attraction
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improved HR program synergies
  • Reduced HR administration
  • Lower severance costs
  • Less time to fill roles
  • Lower learning costs
  • Lower turnover
" As HR embarks on digital transformation, organizing and structuring the journey around employee experience and the moments that matter most is a powerful change enabler."

-John Doel, Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP