Five steps to accelerate meaningful sales transformation

A framework for sales leaders to rethink operations, and create more connected, flexible, and intelligent organizations

Walt Becker

Walt Becker

Principal, Customer Advisory, Sales Transformation, KPMG US

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As sales teams face mounting pressure to perform in a significantly disrupted environment, sales operating models could be a key factor in helping to manage objectives.

To enhance success, sales teams must rethink their approach to capitalize on these qualities:

  • Be connected - Create a seamless customer experience and go-to-market strategy that spans marketing, sales, and service and drives differentiated, high-impact customer experiences.
  • Be flexible – Decontaminate from inefficient legacy process and structures to keep pace with changing customer needs, business strategies, portfolios, and competition.
  • Be intelligent – Take advantage of rapidly expanding data, automation, insights, and artificial intelligence capabilities.
KPMG has developed a sales transformation approach that focuses on five key actions you can take to become more connected, flexible, and intelligent in how your team responds to change. Our framework helps you:
  • Align your strategy
  • Operate consistently
  • Drive seller effectiveness
  • Future-proof sales operations
  • Capture tech stack value

Connect the dots in your sales approach, and see where these steps can help you drive growth in your organization.