Supply Chain: Asset-light and flexible freight transportation

Digital freight networks built on mobile asset sharing platforms

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

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Yatish Desai

Yatish Desai

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The sharing economy extends to freight transportation

Global disruption has heightened the need for supply chains that can serve multiple channels and customer segments with flexibility and speed. Fortunately, new technologies and business models built for asset sharing can enable freight transportation to meet this new challenge. Asset-sharing mobile platforms commonly used in the consumer world are evolving to extend into the commercial sector.

Successful businesses are moving away from traditional, asset-based supply chains to a managed services mode.
— Yatish Desai, Principal, Supply Chain & Operations, KPMG

Read the report below to learn how companies can achieve better flexibility and visibility at a lower cost through asset-light digital freight networks.

The role of asset-light and more flexible freight transportation to enable the supply chain of the future
Learn how new technologies and business models built around asset sharing will enable freight transportation to address new supply chain challenges.

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Build a resilient, cost-effective supply chain

We recognize that during these times, business leaders need more than solutions – they need reliable partners. Our global network of logistics and technology professionals can help you capitalize on asset-light and digital freight network opportunities and integrate them into your supply chain operating model.

  • Assess and scope opportunities to improve supply chain performance using digital freight platforms
  • Identify and implement logistics network changes to reduce asset intensity and enhance utilization
  • Design technology roadmap, architecture and implement “as a service” platforms, including digital freight

In addition, with more than 2,000 supply chain management professionals worldwide, we can help you address the following issues and more to minimize expenses and risk, enhance returns on investment, drive operational efficiencies and boost your brand with customers.

  • Supply chain crisis response planning
  • Rapid supply and demand risk diagnostics
  • Supply chain strategy and analytics
  • Inventory logistics and distribution

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