The Trusted Imperative: Create Value by Harnessing Risk

A dynamic approach to risk, regulation, cyber, and ESG


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Anticipate and balance risk—to generate value and competitive advantage across your enterprise. Our comprehensive approach can help you identify new opportunity.

Building trust enhances enterprise value and secures stakeholders’ confidence. It also fosters growth and innovation, improves performance, and helps you manage change.

To thrive in today’s complex business environments—and keep pace with rapid transformation in the digital era—you need a dynamic approach to risk management and regulation.

Predict and prevent

Take a more proactive stance, anticipating risk before it becomes reality.


Modernize operations and adjust to mitigate risk moving forward.


Assess where the vulnerabilities exist within your organization. 

Respond and restore

Address risks when and where they occur and minimize their impact.


How can you get where you want to go faster?

Building a roadmap to earned trust allows you the flexibility to change directions, speed up or slow down when needed, and avoid obstacles along the way. 

Dynamic customer behavior. Data as an asset. New ways of working. Unrelenting regulation. Companies today face pressure to grow, while also increasing agility, managing risk, and building resilience for whatever tomorrow holds. And trust is a key enabler.

Addressing risks and regulations up front gives you the freedom to go farther faster. 

Read “The Trusted Imperative” article to discover three key characteristics of a trusted organization.


Six elements of trust


Purpose & Strategy: Goals in line with core values and stakeholder interests.


Culture: Shared values, beliefs, and norms that foster trust-inducing behavior.


Leadership & Management: Leaders who embody and are accountable to the company's values and purpose.


Governance & Structure: Formal organization and governance that establish clear roles and accountability.


Systems & Processes: Systems that reinforce trustworthy behavior in line with legal and regulatory context.


Products, Services & Operations: Processes to ensure stakeholder needs and expectations are met.



Source: Gillespie, N. & Fentener van Vlissingen, R., “Trustworthy by Design: A practical guide to organisational trust,” The University of Queensland and KPMG, 2019; and Gillespie, N. & Dietz, G., “Trust Repair After an Organization-Level Failure,” Academy of Management Review, 2009, 34(1), 127-145.


No matter where your risks exist, we have the strategic vision and technical edge to help you earn the trust of your stakeholders.

Turn cyber risk into advantage. We can help you anticipate better, move faster, and get an edge with technology that is secure. 

Discover how a dynamic approach to risk management, compliance, and legal can generate trust, value, and competitive advantage while balancing risk and improving resilience.

Simplify the complexities of your ESG strategy: We can provide insights, help develop systems, operationalize plans, measure and report with a wide range of data-driven solutions.



KPMG ranked No. 1 across multiple categories in Source Global Research’s report, Perceptions of Risk Firms in 2022.

KPMG was ranked No. 1 in Source’s annual global survey of end users of consulting services. Source’s customers include every single one of the world’s biggest 20 consulting firms and is the leading provider of research, data, and strategic advice about the global management consulting industry.


See how we've helped leaders across industries harness risk into opportunity.

KPMG assisted a major U.S. bank in designing and implementing a comprehensive risk management program.

Mobilizing our resources worldwide, KPMG helped a leader in business market intelligence transform its internal audit function to strengthen stakeholder trust.

When small business lenders needed to quickly provide financial support, they called on KPMG to help transform their operating models and build trust.



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If “more of the same but better” won’t cut it—and you’re looking for new, comprehensive and strategic approaches to risk management—talk to KPMG. We can help you on your insights-driven transformation journey.

If “more of the same but better” won’t cut it—and you’re looking for new, comprehensive and strategic approaches to risk management—talk to KPMG. We can help you on your insights-driven transformation journey.