Rapid Data Strategy Assessment

Where are you in your data strategy journey? 
Take this quick assessment to see how your real estate organization scores.


Manage data content  |  Data quality  |  Collaboration  |  Sustainability

1. I understand my company's key performance metrics and how they are being calculated:

2. I have the right tools to perform data analysis and provide insights:

3. My data is not distributed across multiple silos; I can easily retrieve the data I need:

4. It's easy to roll up performance metrics by business unit, customer, product/service, region, geographic area, asset type:

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Manage data content Data quality  |  Collaboration  |  Sustainability

5. Data is available when I need it; I can rapidly retrieve the right data, at the right time, to answer the right question:

6. There are data access and privacy controls in place:

7. I have high confidence in the data I receive:

8. I spend much of my time analyzing the data, not fixing or massaging data:

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Manage data content  Data quality  |  Collaboration  |  Sustainability

9. I understand our data strategy and how it's aligned with our business objectives:

10. IT solutions and investment are aligned with business goals and objectives:

11. I can easily get the data and reports I need and rarely need to ask IT for supplemental reporting:

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Manage data content  |  Data quality  |  Collaboration  |  Sustainability

12. We are a data driven culture that is supported by all levels of management; we value our data:

13. There are data retention policies in place; Data is archived or purged when no longer needed:

14. Our data and analytics capabilities keep pace with our business needs and objectives:

15. We have the right people and skill sets in place to execute and move our data strategy forward:

Rob Wentz, Managing Director of Data & Analytics for KPMG LLP, discusses next steps after taking the data assessment.

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