Optimizing the power of CRM

How establishing a Center of Excellence can help increase efficiencies, standardize operations, and achieve next-level CRM

CRM is one of the fastest-growing global software markets, having recently been valued at $40.2 billion. And yet it is not a new invention; it has long been an integral part of sales, marketing, and customer service operations, helping organizations to generate insights and growth.

But how can businesses get the most from CRM? Some make the mistake of containing it in silos, creating a confused and fragmented view of the customer. Others are unable to harness its power due to a lack of clear business goals. At the same time, some organizations are unsure as to the power of CRM, and fail to adopt the necessary tools.

In this report, we explain how businesses can optimize CRM by creating a Center of Excellence. This is like an innovation engine – a body of people and processes that creates a single, consistent record of the customer, and unifies platform management across the extended network of business functions. Its goal is to generate insights, increase adoption, and deliver a return on technology investments.

Today’s customer is ever-changing. By optimizing CRM with a Center of Excellence, organizations can move at the speed of the customer and meet them where they are today – as well as tomorrow. This report explains where to start.


Request the PDF to learn how optimizing investments in technology can improve the ability to better understand and serve customers.

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