Customer-driven: Micro supply chains in a new era

Strategies for disruption-resistant operations

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

Principal, Advisory, Customer and Operations, KPMG US

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Yatish Desai

Yatish Desai

Principal, Advisory, Supply Chain Logistics and Distribution Lead, KPMG US

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Build agile, resilient supply chain operations and preserve value

Faced with the massive economic and business impact of COVID-19, many supply chain organizations are in catch-up mode. Not only must they contend with the disruption of 2020, but also with the convergence of two longer-term trends: Accelerated economic nationalism and the customer experience (C/X) revolution.

“The thinking behind micro supply chain strategy remains big and global. It’s the scale of execution that gets purposefully smaller and local.”
— Yatish Desai, Principal, Lead Distribution & Logistics, KPMG U.S.

Read the report below to see how micro supply chains can meet new enterprise needs for value preservation, business resiliency and marketplace agility.

When it makes sense to think small
Discover the differences between legacy integrated supply chain models and micro supply chains. Learn how KPMG can help your business design a sustainable, effective supply chain strategy.

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Build resilient, cost-effective supply chains

We recognize that during these times, business leaders need more than solutions – they need reliable partners. KPMG is ready to support you in this unprecedented situation. With more than 2,000 supply chain, strategy, and value chain management professionals worldwide, we can help you address the following issues to minimize expenses and risk, enhance returns on investment, drive operational efficiencies and boost your brand with customers.

  • Supply chain crisis response planning
  • Rapid supply and demand risk diagnostics
  • Scenario analysis and contingency planning
  • Supply chain strategy and analytics
  • Supply chain and operations planning and execution
  • Inventory logistics and distribution
  • Integrated tax planning