Make Martech pay off

A KPMG and CMO Council Research Report

The future of Martech relies on CMO-CIO relationships.

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery. CMOs are under immense pressure to better allocate resources, improve the customer experience, and grow revenue. Marketing Technology (Martech) lies at the heart of these challenges. 

This research explores how leading marketers are maximizing value from Martech investments to drive stronger, measurable returns. Success starts with a strong relationship between the CMO and CIO.

This report covers the following questions:

  • Why is building an effective relationship between marketing and technology important?
  • How can CMO and CIOs get to a very effective working relationship?
  • What does a highly effective relationship look like?
  • What kind of outcomes can be expected?


1. The struggle is real

Marketers across industries struggle to get value from their Martech.


of all CMOs struggle to keep pace with Martech innovation 


of all CMOs lack a multi year strategic plan for Martech


of all CMOs fail to use ROI to measure martech performance


2. Better together

A strong relationship between CMOs and CIOs is crucial to unlocking value from martech yet only 23% of organizations are excelling. 


3. Make Martech Pay Off

Organizations with very effective CMO|CIO working relationships have Martech which is more strategic, innovative, data-driven and better aligned with enterprise IT. The very traits which often drive competitive advantage from Martech and a greater ROI.


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The Force Multiplier Research series

CMOs are under increasing pressure, particularly coming out of 2020. The role of CMO has transformed from managing brand and promotions to truly enabling enterprise strategy and performance. Collaboration across the C Suite is critical. In 2022 the series will explore the working relationships between marketing and procurement, finance, sales and commerce.

5 part research series 

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