Addressing the impact of remote work

Key considerations for creating value and productivity in hyper-virtual environments

As a result of speaking with industry leaders, helping clients, and using our own experience in adapting to an unexpected era of remote working, we uncovered unique issues that have impacted both specific groups within a company as well as the entire enterprise. To help companies continue to respond, adapt, and progress in a remote and digital environment, we have a collection of considerations against those key and unique issues that are challenging how we continue to create value and be productive.

Productivity - Access the brief.
Four ways to rethink the productivity discussion.
Digital employee experience - Access the brief.
Top three design principles to adapt a digital EX to a work-anywhere workforce.
Virtual Salesforce - Access the brief.
Six tips for successful selling in a virtual environment.
Culture - Access the brief.
Five considerations to redefine culture.
Global mobility - Access the brief.
Six key tax considerations when evaluating the impact of remote work.
Cyber security - Access the brief.
Five considerations to properly defend a culture of security.
Real estate - Access the brief.
Five key real estate and facilities considerations.

Many organizations and institutions generally managed the mass transition effectively, but to create a sustainable and resilient model for the new business reality requires a holistic, enterprise-wide approach. One that takes a reimagined view on the way an organization’s team works together and serves its customers. Contact us to learn how KPMG LLP can help your team.

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