Insights from HR Pathfinders

Read about their views on ESG, DEI, the workforce, and reinventing HR.

Lisa Massman

Lisa Massman

Principal, Human Capital Advisory Leader, KPMG US

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Robin Rasmussen

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Mike DiClaudio

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KPMG conducted in-depth interviews with global HR leaders across the globe to uncover best practices tied to what they are doing differently to excel at tackling today’s disruptive workforce and organizational challenges.

Explore excerpts from these HR Pathfinders, those identified by KPMG for driving deep, cross-enterprise value to their organizations, beyond administration.

Reinventing HR   |  The total workforce approach  |  The "S" in ESG

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The future of HR: Lessons from the Pathfinders


Reinventing HR

Solutions to the pandemic’s people-related issues are, by their nature, experimental.

HR has traditionally been afraid to take risks. Pivot if you need to, or scrap it if it doesn’t work.
Pamela Ries, CHRO, Spectrum Health

We are trying to reinvent the notion of what work means. We are moving away from ‘nine to five’ and trying to promote flexibility in the form of 'core collaboration hours' for synchronous collaboration combined with a nonlinear workday.
Sharon Choe, Global Head of Workforce Planning, People Technology & Operations, Dropbox

The total workforce approach

HR Pathfinders are employee-centric, rethinking performance management, improving digital enablement, and helping employees build the skills they need—not only for today, but also for the years to come.

The best jobs three years from now probably don’t even exist yet. So, building skills in this digital world has become hugely important.
Linda Aiello, EVP, Employee Success Business Partner, Salesforce

It’s important to have a strong listening strategy with our people. It’s how we guarantee that we are always on track and aware of what is happening.
Alexandra Brandao, Global Head of HR, Santander

The "S" in ESG

HR Pathfinders have shifted their focused with DEI being among the top concerns to address.  

The pandemic highlighted the criticality of humanity in the workplace.
Amy Coleman, Vice President of HR and Corporate Functions, Microsoft

The success of a business depends on the success of diversity in all its forms: gender, race, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation and so on. It’s not just about hiring, but also involves developing a DEI mindset and culture across the workforce.
Isabelle Minneci, Global Vice President of HR (Luxe Division), L'Oréal