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Casinos evolve from COVID-19 reaction to digital reinvention

Rick Arpin

Rick Arpin

Office Managing Partner, Las Vegas, KPMG US

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When KPMG and the University of Nevada/Las Vegas’s (UNLV) International Gaming Institute (IGI) first surveyed casino customers in spring 2020, properties were still closed in the battle against the spread of COVID-19. At that time, land-based operators were determining the actions they needed to take to reopen, convince customers they would be safe, and entice them to return as quickly as possible.

Our research helped identify where operators could make the most of limited resources as they implemented health and safety measures, communicated with customers, and targeted all-new customer segments with digital options.

To help us keep a pulse on changes in casino customer sentiment, we conducted a follow-up survey, gathering responses from more than 1,000 individuals across the United States who had visited a casino within the last two years.


View our new report to learn more about these key findings and insights:

  • Four findings to guide casino operators while operating in continued uncertainty
    • Understand the evolving customer mindset
    • Fine-tune health and safety measures
    • Keep efforts to protect customers visible
    • Meet rising demand for touch-free options
  • The economic reality and path to recovery
  • Online gaming: The wild card is now in play
    • The global shift to the digital realm
    • COVID-19 shutdowns fuel online growth
    • Is online gaming about to enjoy a “flywheel effect?”
    • Beware the competition – Disruption is coming to land-based casinos
    • Practical implications to grow in online gaming