Supply chain: The future of logistics

New technologies to maximize value and enable greater efficiency

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

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Yatish Desai

Yatish Desai

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David DeStefano

David DeStefano

Director, Advisory | Supply Chain & Operations, KPMG LLP

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Emerging technologies will transform logistics

Companies are facing unprecedented change due to innovation, technology disruptions, and evolving customer expectations. Supply chains are becoming unbundled and customized to reduce costs and meet evolving customer needs. Logistics structures will also shift to more specialized solutions tailored to different customer segments, modes of transportation, and distribution networks.

Companies must understand logistics challenges and how technology game changers can revolutionize the state of their businesses.
— Brian Higgins, Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Leader

Read the report below to see how companies have leveraged innovative technology to improve logistics and distribution, reduce spending, and stay ahead of the competition.

The future of logistics
Learn why logistics is changing, important challenges and trends, and how emerging technologies will transform future supply chain operations.

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Build a resilient, cost-effective supply chain

We recognize that during these times, business leaders need more than solutions – they need reliable partners. KPMG is ready to support you with more than 2,000 supply chain, strategy, and value chain management professionals worldwide. We can help you address the following issues to minimize expenses and risk, enhance returns on investment, drive operational efficiencies and boost your brand with customers.

  • Logistics strategy and design
  • Distribution and fulfillment transformation
  • Supply chain crisis response planning
  • Rapid supply and demand risk diagnostics
  • Scenario analysis and contingency planning
  • Supply chain and operations planning and execution
  • Integrated tax planning

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