CRM technology

Unlock the value of CRM through user adoption.

Technology is changing the face of CRM

Today, organizations are discovering how tech can connect the front, middle and back offices to create a unified picture of the customer, and drive engagement.

The problem, however, is user adoption. Some program leaders see CRM as a tax on their project. Others consider it a one-time investment that should deliver results automatically. Conversely, some people lose interest, unprepared for the complexities surrounding the implementation of new systems.

But when mastered, CRM technology can deliver true ROI, providing valuable customer insights that businesses can use to realign their objectives, and meet customers where they are at. Organizations must, therefore, find a way to drive end user adoption, generate excitement, and demonstrate the power that such technology can provide.

This paper explains how organizations can do this—how they can reap the rewards of carefully-implemented CRM technology.


Request the PDF to learn how to increase investment return on CRM technology and unite your front office around the customer.

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