Telecommunications CIO priorities in the new reality

Delivering faster, seamless services is critical to meeting customer expectations.

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A Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2020 industry report

Operational priorities, technology investments, business performance, cloud and data security, diversity and inclusion in Telecommunications

While telecommunications has long been a key enabler of keeping business, governments, and capital markets running, there are also short-term and long-term challenges for telecom companies. While video streaming grew fast, video conferencing and collaboration tools grew even faster. Prior to the pandemic, download speeds for video streaming already had high performance. Upload speeds still need to catch up and are now being stress-tested with the influx of video conferencing, work collaboration tools, remote learning, distributed cloud, and SaaS on the network. 

There is no doubt that connectivity is at the forefront in the new reality. The telecom sector will remain a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market in which it is becoming ever easier to switch providers and where the quality of the customer experience supported by the flawless performance of the network is paramount.

In this Telecommunications report, we share how being a digital leader differentiates you from your industry peers. We also compare survey results for Telecommunications to overall results in these key areas:

  • board priorities and investment 
  • strategy and operating model
  • delivering value at speed
  • people and culture
  • the rise of cyber
  • analytics and insight.
Key findings from the survey responses of 103 Telecommunications industry technology leaders

Full survey report

Now in its 22nd year, the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey is the largest IT leadership survey in the world, with over 4,200 responses from CIOs and technology executives across 83 countries in 2020.