The changing shape of ransomware

How to defend against and respond to ransomware attacks

Ed Goings

Ed Goings

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

+1 312-665-2551

Since the start of the pandemic, cyber criminals worldwide have capitalized on this disruption. They have further industrialized the scale at which they can launch attacks. At the top of the list, offering quick returns, is ransomware.

COVID-19 lockdowns and a massive shift to remote working have seen a meteoric rise in ransomware incidents. According to the 2020 Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey, 41% of organizations reported experiencing increased incidents while employees are working from home.

With remote working set to continue, it is more critical than ever that organizations protect themselves and their people from attacks — but how?

In The changing shape of ransomware, we explore ransomware's increasing threats and identify the proactive and reactive measures to take to defend against such attacks and respond if the worst should happen.

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