Creating a high-value capital projects portfolio

The portfolio framework helps leaders identify projects that should be paused and which investments can contribute to the most growth.

Reid Tucker

Reid Tucker

Principal, Major Projects Advisory, KPMG US

+1 415-963-8050

Many corporate leaders are turning their attention to capital projects in order to drive growth as the economy recovers from COVID-19. But they may not have a method in place to prioritize investments in their project portfolios.

The KPMG Project Portfolio Management (PPM) framework provides a methodology for companies to allocate capital to the highest-value projects. In bad times, leaders can use these methods to identify projects that should be paused or cancelled. In good times, these methods show leaders where investments will contribute most to growth.

The framework not only provides an objective viewpoint for portfolio decisions, it also provides ongoing measurement to ensure that the expected value is delivered and that adjustments can be made quickly to the portfolio in response to changing conditions. This six-step model can help companies optimize project portfolios across industries, from pharmaceutical research labs to logistics hubs to manufacturing plants.