Banks missing the mark with M&A

New report from American Banker

Jack Whitt

Jack Whitt

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Timothy Johnson

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Most banks plan for M&A, but struggle with the process and miss their targets. Despite M&A being part of most banks’ plans, most deals fail to meet their stated objectives because of disconnected M&A processes.

Bank M&A is complex under the best of circumstances, but many financial institutions make it even harder through their lack of a robust process. Recent research from American Banker shows that banks are often missing the mark when it comes to estimated financial results.

In addition to providing M&A data points from responding financial institutions, the research also reveals the root causes behind banks not achieving deal objectives in three distinct phases of an M&A transaction: 1) the pre-planning phase; 2) the deal phase, and 3) the post-deal integration phase.

In this report, our industry subject matter professionals will weigh in on:

  • How the M&A strategy should connect with the corporate strategy
  • The importance of governance, procedures, and roles to manage the end-to-end process
  • The value of experienced third-party advisors for surge capacity and expertise

Download this educational resource to learn how to make your next M&A move more successful.

Banks missing the mark with M&A
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