Align your enterprise with digital transformation

For manufacturers to emerge as digital leaders, a cohesive digital transformation journey is imperative to yield significant benefits.

Donna Meshaka

Donna Meshaka

Advisory Managing Director, Alliances, KPMG US

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In the past, manufacturing organizations have looked at digital transformation as individual pockets within their company. However, what they failed to realize is organizations that create a comprehensive and cohesive digital transformation journey will yield significant benefits. Learn how you can get started on your journey today.

Video transcript

Hi, I'm Donna Meshaka and I am the KPMG Industrial Manufacturing Advisory Leader. As we're emerging from an unprecedented time in world history, there are many areas of focus that either came to light or came about as a result of the crisis. For a majority of manufacturers there's a lot of work ahead. Organizations historically have looked at digital transformation in many different pockets. So you'll see finance taking on what they would call digital transformation, supply chain taking on digital transformation. Manufacturers focusing on the plant floor, the shop floor, looking at digital transformation around digital twins, 3-D printing, robotics. What has failed to be realized is the connectedness into a comprehensive and cohesive digital transformation journey that through our research in our experience will yield significant benefits.

As a digital leader, what we're asking digital leaders to do is to really look across the various functions in the business and set forth a vision that is aligned from an enterprise perspective. As you look across these and you hear me talking about customer about supply chain, about finance, there is an imperative out there to connect these together first starting with your vision and using the levers of technology and digitalization and automation to move the needle towards greater efficiency and effectiveness. The results that your organization will yield is increased profitability, an increased customer experience, and increased employee experience, and a much more agile and responsive supply chain.

Many of you have probably started on this digital transformation journey already or are thinking about starting on this this journey. What we would recommend for you to do first and foremost is take an inventory of all the different initiatives that are occurring in your enterprise. I'm willing to bet you'll be surprised by how disparate they are and not necessarily cohesive as you as a digital leader are thinking about what that journey needs to look like. So, number one take an inventory of all those different different initiatives, take a leadership position in bringing the constituents and stakeholders together. So that you can use that information to inform what your vision and business case will be.

If you'd like to hear more detail on how you could go about that, please reach out to us directly here at KPMG and we're more than happy to have a discussion on what our experience has shown to be successful for other manufacturing clients.