AI modeling with micro-segmentation

A paradigm shift in insurance analytics

Ian Sterling

Ian Sterling

Principal, Advisory, Actuarial, KPMG US

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Nathaniel M Loughin

Nathaniel M Loughin

Director, Advisory, Actuarial, KPMG US

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Is your company sitting on a gold mine of data without the innovative tools to efficiently get the most out of it?

We are in the middle of an analytics race, and those that are quickest to advance will thrive and succeed by reducing costs, improving risk selection, growing and expanding profitably, increasing speed-to-market, developing flexible and new products, and reducing quote times.

Adopting micro-segmentation, an innovative method that leverages machine learning, gives insurers the competitive edge. Micro-segmentation enhances the understanding of patterns at the claim, coverage, policy and exposure level in ways other methods can’t achieve

What was thought to be possible can now be deemed as practical in order to transform and build sustainable, competitive advantage.

Explore more in this article with use cases throughout, discussing:

  • Current state of insurers
  • Acceleration of change
  • The next level of insurance analytics
  • Lessons learned
  • Software platform considerations
  • Making the possible practical.