How AI managers are managing organizational culture during COVID-19

Key takeaways from an AIMA/KPMG manager roundtable

John Budzyna

John Budzyna

Managing Director, Alternative Investments, KPMG US

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The recently published AIMA (Alternative Investment Management Association) and KPMG paper, “Agile and Resilient,” explored the impact to the hedge fund industry of working in a decentralized environment. This topic was explored further, including in a manager roundtable in January 2021. Among the key questions that we looked to address included (i) what are the challenges still being faced by firms today in managing their organizational culture? (ii) what lessons did firms learn about how to manage their culture during this period of decentralization? (iii) how important is culture to a hedge fund, to its constituents, to its investors, the regulators, its employees and to the success of the firm and finally (iv) how do senior leaders continue to deliver the firm’s mission as well as maintain a culture of compliance? 

Our new KPMG paper, How alternative investment managers are managing organizational culture during COVID-19, offers key takeaways from our managers roundtable discussion. Read the paper for insights on managing organizational culture in these key areas:

  • Communication
  • Employee well-being
  • Hiring/retaining and getting the best out of your firm’s talent
  • Adapting to a much-changed working environment