KPMG Powered Healthcare enabled by Workday

Change how work gets done in HR, finance and supply chain to capitalize on the benefits of ERP technology.

Viktor Reznicek

Viktor Reznicek

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Keeping patients first

With clinical system upgrades behind them, most healthcare providers are turning their attention to the back-office systems that support human resources, finance and supply chain management. Modernization of these applications can dramatically improve the employee experience, reduce operating costs and cycle times and free up clinicians to focus on their patients—with one big condition. Healthcare organizations must first change how they do their work in HR, finance and supply chain to capitalize on the benefits that new technology offers.

KPMG Powered Healthcare enabled by Workday connects HR, finance, and supply chain to your most important business goals

How does it work? By giving your employees a world-class user experience, you free them up to focus on their patients. By centralizing transactional work into a shared services center, you give your professionals the ability to operate at the top of their license.

By harnessing the power of workflow automation, you reduce the time required to order supplies, close your books and get a nurse to the floor. By democratizing data and analytics, you unleash the talent of your managers to make the right decisions and get the best performance from your people and partners. 

By redesigning your chart of accounts with Workday’s healthcare industry Foundational Data Model (FDM), you make it easy for leaders to report on performance at every level and to produce service line and physician P&Ls. The new FDM has the ancillary benefit of streamlining transactions and helping you efficiently close your books.

By redesigning how you contract for and order supplies, you create an efficient supply chain operation that lowers operating costs, reduces time spent ordering supplies and frees clinicians from supply chain work to focus on delivering patient care. A new ERP can help you connect these important dots, but only if you first change how you work.

Implementing Workday at U.S. Anesthesia Partners

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KPMG Powered Healthcare enabled by Workday offers:

  • a jump start on transforming your healthcare back office
  • leading practices in healthcare finance, supply chain, and HR
  • a prebuilt Workday healthcare tenant that is based on leading practices
  • a tested track record with more full-platform healthcare implementations than any Workday partner
  • lower risk in achieving your business case for Workday
  • change management with demonstrated results in driving adoption and support for the new way of working
  • prebuilt templates and data conversion maps to accelerate migration from Lawson, PeopleSoft, and Meditech.

With Powered Healthcare, you can:

  • transform the way you run your healthcare organization
  • build agile support functions that evolve as you grow
  • future-proof your investment in Workday
  • help your people adopt and embrace change
  • exploit new technologies—RPA, AI and robotics—for value and performance
  • maximize the return on your investment in Workday.
Keeping patients first
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