Work anywhere, together

Enable permanent, sustainable and thriving virtual work.

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What began as an extraordinary “work anywhere” pilot now must be considered permanent in organizations, even as companies begin to phase portions of their employees into physical work environments. This has presented a profound opportunity for organizations to take the friction out of delivering to the customer and fulfilling the employee experience. It has also set the stage for improved productivity, reduced turnover, better access to diverse talent, and lower costs. We describe this transformation as, “Work anywhere, together.” It’s the new reality of work.

Focus on the work, not where you work

Realizing today’s opportunities begins with a focus on what people do, what their capabilities are, and how to enable them. Our approach addresses the full range of underpinnings that enable sustainable, permanent and successful virtual work to support the enterprise’s workforce and growth objectives. Working shoulder to shoulder with you, we lead with a human centric approach to redesign the way work gets done. Our capabilities include: 

  • human centered design approach including persona analysis, capability gap assessment and journey and road mapping 
  • virtual work COE strategy and optimization
  • workforce and employee experience design  
  • work placement strategy, design, and tax considerations
  • technology ecosystem design including collaboration, automation, digital enablement, security, and technology support model
  • cost optimization strategy and integration.

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Work anywhere, together
KPMG services to help organizations enable permanent, sustainable and thriving virtual work

Reimagine work across the value delivery model 


Cost consciousness

Focus investments and cut avoidable costs.


Operating model resilience

Design work placement and sourcing mix.


Delivery footprint

Recast, restack, and repurpose the delivery footprint.


Digital infusion

Rearchitect platforms and enable adoption of digitization and automation.


Workforce shaping

Reconceptualize ways of work, workforce composition and the employee experience.


Security, risk and compliance

Recalibrate and manage financial, regulatory, and cyber risks.


To help clients redesign the way work gets done, KPMG brings together specialists from across multiple disciplines. Connect with us today to begin work toward enabling a virtual workforce—permanently.