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2020 starts off with a privacy bang across the U.S. – not just CCPA in California! Multiple states open the year with new and reworked privacy bills

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The US continued path to data privacy & protection

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect January 1, 2020, affording California consumers new privacy rights to exercise. While the CCPA stands as the most comprehensive privacy regulation in the United States to date, since January 2020, legislative debates on privacy have been mounting in other states as well.

The following paper highlight examples of proposed legislation designed to grant state residents additional protections and impose obligations on organizations that collect, share, and otherwise process those residents’ personal information. It also presents a look into the bills seeking to address the general data handling practices of a state consumer’s personal information, while the second, Other Privacy Related Bills by State, focuses on privacy protections for specific use cases, such as in the context of emerging technologies like biometrics and artificial intelligence.

Note: This update is intended to provide high-level overviews of sample legislative activity and links to official sources about these bills and laws. Activities are presented in alphabetical order by state. The inclusion of active legislation in this report is meant to be representative and not implied endorsement.  Enacted legislation could be substantially different from bills in their present form.

What’s Next?
This paper explores the recent updates on state specific privacy bills that have been influenced by the recent CCPA regulation.

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