Washington Report 360 | March 6, 2020

FRB finalized capital rules for Stress Capital Buffer; SCOTUS heard arguments on CFPB leadership; focus on ESG; Coronavirus impact

Amy S. Matsuo

Amy S. Matsuo

Regulatory and ESG Insights Leader, KPMG US

+1 919-664-7100

Key Highlights

  • The FRB has finalized capital rules for the Stress Capital Buffer applicable to BHCs and U.S. IHCs with $100 billion or more in total consolidated assets. The Stress Capital Buffer will be included in CCAR 2020 and will be required beginning October 1, 2020.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the CFPB’s leadership structure; a decision is expected in June 2020.
  • Focus on ESG highlighted in SEC request for comment aimed at preventing funds from misleading investors through fund names and determining if rules are needed for ESG funds.
  • Coronavirus impact evidenced by Federal Reserve Board emergency rate cut and SEC’s announced regulatory relief and assistance.

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