Transforming the hospitality industry

Unlock new revenue opportunities, enhance the customer experience and fast track innovation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Transforming the Hospitality (Hotel) Industry through IoT

As IoT rapidly digitizes the physical world, companies are leveraging data from connected devices to transform business and operating models—improving decision-making, driving greater efficiency, increasing profitability, and introducing new revenue streams.

  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Optimized room turnover and cleaning
  • Smart infrastructure and facility management
  • Personalized digital customer experience
  • Wayfinding and crowd control management
  • Efficient energy and waste management

Smart hotels are the next generation in hospitality by providing both enhanced self-service and customized guest experiences.

Operationally, integrated systems and sensors provide the ability to track and monitor critical aspects of the building while driving efficiency across the hotel management system.

Aggregated sensor and system data will provide new operational insights and allow for the automation of current manual processes (e.g. scheduling room service, room cleaning, preventative maintenance, etc.).

IoT is a network of devices that collect and share data for analysis, which has evolved from a stand-alone industry to a mainstream set of tools that can be leveraged, often paired with other technologies, to solve complex issues.

IoT use cases and benefits for smart hospitality

Operators and staff

Operators actively interact with the hotel’s IoT dashboard to understand critical priorities. A scheduling alert is generated indicating maintenance of an elevator overlaps with a high-occupancy guest wedding event. Proactively scheduling a maintenance mechanic will prevent an interrupted guest experience. The dashboard also indicates various room temperatures maintained across the hotel and suggests optimal adjustments to temperatures across the hotel based on guest traffic analysis, predictive patterns, and in-room occupancy.

Hotel guests

Upon arrival at the hotel, guests interact with digital signage, informing them of dinner options, the weather forecast, and nearby activities occurring throughout the weekend. While dropping their belongings off in the room, the guests speak to the in-room digital assistant, adjusting the temperature and making reservations with one of the restaurants recommended to them. Before leaving, guests ask the assistant to be awakened at 7:00 a.m. by opening the curtains, gradually elevating lighting and playing their morning music playlist.

Private and secure 5G – An IoT game changer

Private and secure 5G is not an evolution, but instead a revolution. Unlike previous wireless generations that were almost entirely driven by the consumer, the 5G market provides an early entry point for the enterprise community. It will allow for high-speed, massive connectivity, enhanced battery life and low latency communications.

Along with an enhanced customer experience, offering unprecedented mobile networking capabilities, 5G allows a million devices to be connected in a half-mile radius, providing hotel management with the ability to split one 5G network into multiple managed networks while replacing current wireless and wired networks throughout the hotel.

We help clients identify the business value that IoT can deliver

  • Strategy services provide you with a strategic roadmap for achieving business objectives through IoT and related technology adoption.
  • Design and build services help you to create valuable business solutions for your unique organization, internal systems, digital strategy, and risk factors.
  • Implementation services unlock the value of the designed IoT solution and integrate it into the existing IT infrastructure. KPMG can also help you adopt the organizational changes required to transition to the new system.
  • Post-implementation services provide you with a sustainable foundation and the skills to manage, maintain, and effectively utilize the new IoT solution.
Transforming the Hospitality Industry
Unlock new revenue opportunities, power productivity, enhance the guest experience and fast track innovation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

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