Transforming healthcare with private networks

Smart healthcare networks can modernize and transform emergency response

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As hospitals look to re-emerge from the current challenges posed by COVID-19, many of our healthcare clients tell us they feel behind the technology curve because they have focused on what they do best: care and treatment for their patients. When tents start going up in parking lots and convention centers are turned into triage and critical care units, we hope that our healthcare workers have the personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical tools they need to save lives, but they also need agile technology to be most effective.

We’re currently working with hospitals to shrink the tech gap and deploy private networks to help build smart hospital ecosystems that are digitized, optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) devices; and secure for healthcare providers, patients, an operations management. This is an especially true and profound opportunity for leaders in the healthcare industry to take ownership of their wireless communication future and emerge stronger.

No one player can do this alone. Unlocking value drivers requires collaboration and cocreation. Working with healthcare facilities, original equipment manufactures, wireless communication providers and our extended alliance ecosystem partners, we are helping to quickly deploy dedicated, secure “pop-up campus” communications networks to support healthcare professional with critical real-time data as urgent and remote situations arise.

A model for virtual connected healthcare

As the healthcare and life sciences industry focuses all of its attention on diagnosing and treating COVID-19 patients, they also need support to keep operations functioning as best they can. Called into action, healthcare professionals often don’t have the advanced mobile technology they need to care for patients in the filed or near-capacity facilities.

Private networks offer a connected campus of self-contained, secure, and ultra-reliable wireless environment that enables IoT devices and sensors to not only communicate with each other, but also advance and improve the essential employee and patient experience. At the same time, many of the programs, technologies, and protocols you put into place now will emerge as a valuable asset to both the business and the patient.

Technology, data, and analytics can transform the way healthcare organizations modernize operations inside facilities and out in the field. We are helping to quickly deploy sensors, devices, platforms, and networks to serve remote campus locations with integrated private network communications to help on-site healthcare workers care for patients with a cohesive next-generation solution.

Along with offering an enhanced patient experience and unprecedented mobile and networking capabilities, 5G can power connectivity for a million IoT devices in a half-mile radius, enabling devices to be managed and data to be collected in near-real-time for analysis and optimization.

Why private networks

5G is the next era in enterprise networks

Massive connectivity


Support 1M simultaneous device connections within a 0.5. mile radius. Support 100,000 simultaneous device connections within a 0.5. mile radius.

Better battery life

5G 4G

Extend battery life of devices by up to 10 times.

Drains more energy


5G 4G

Download 15GB HD video in 6 seconds.

Download 15GB HD video in 4 minutes.


5G 4G

Autonomous vehicle traveling 65 mph receives command to stop vehicle in 1 millisecond.

Autonomous vehicle traveling 65 mph receives command to stop vehicle in 50 milliseconds.

Private networks advance the ability to deliver highly secure network and endpoint solutions not currently available from many traditional networks. Coupling the secure network and endpoints with advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT, and cloud and edge computing, we’re helping leading organizations to create a thoroughly secure 5G ecosystem.

Existing technologies do not truly compete with private networks. Ethernet requires fixed cables and wi-fi is less secure and reliable than cellular connections. Private networks starting with 4G LTE and upgrading to 5G provides significant benefits to organizations. IoT data transmitted over private networks allows healthcare workers to collaborate, communicate, and access data-driven decision-making tools and cognitive analytics to react at the instantaneous pace required to care communicate in the mobile, digital, and virtual world.

How we can help

KPMG is proud to support healthcare and life sciences organizations on the front lines. We are ready to work with healthcare organizations to deploy the latest technologies, modernize infrastructure and ecosystems to manage daily challenges, and help prepare for those unexpected ones in the future. We offer a range of services to help healthcare organizations benefit from the advanced mobile technology they need to provide better patient care, accelerate treatments and vaccinations, protect you own well-being, and safeguard the long-term visibility of your business.