Third-party security: Insights from cyber leaders

Current perspectives on innovation and management of third-party security

Jonathan Dambrot

Jonathan Dambrot

CEO and Co-Founder, Cranium AI, Inc.

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Trending issues in third-party security

KPMG hosted a recent third-party security roundtable where we heard from a diverse group of cyber leaders. Some themes that emerged from this discussion included:

  • Emerging cracks in traditional approaches to third-party security
  • More interest by regulators on how organizations manage third-party security
  • Diverging risk management approaches between regulated organizations and third parties
  • Unresolved tensions between businesses and their third-party security programs
  • Lack of a “one-stop shop” to assess the current maturity of utilities
  • Incorporating threat intelligence into third-party security programs
Third-party security roundtable insights
This paper describes emerging third-party cyber risks and some approaches to mitigate them.