Are you getting what you expect form your outsourcing portfolio?

Contract governance is an increasingly complex process. But it’s a necessity.

The problem – Value leakage

Contract governance is an increasingly complex process. But it’s a necessity. Without it, businesses stand to lose up to 40% of a deal’s value. *

Complex data

Inability to distill data for management action


Ineffective change

Inability to understand the financial and performance impact of changing contracts

Inadequate governance

Lacking the capacity or resources to manage provider relationships


*Source: Internal KPMG study of 300 outsourcing buyers

The solve

KPMG Contract Performance Management brings together KPMG’s leading Outsourcing Advisory experience with the advanced innovations of the ServiceNow platform to simplify contract governance and capture value.

  • Manage complexity
  • Identify issues
  • Streamline resolution

Draw actionable insight that supports management decision-making from voluminous data


Track and maintain outsourcing agreements at scale





Rely on our winning combination – secure, cutting-edge technology backed by serves from the outsourcing governance leaders

Get objective data assessment and contract validation





Monitor contract portfolios in a unified knowledge hub




The result

With KPMG CPM, you can help mitigate contract value leakage, take management action faster, and realign outsourcing to business goals.

Visibility into broad aspects of the contractual relationship


Transparency and accountability resulting in stronger relationships

Ability to help mitigate value leakage



Streamlined and consistent contract administration across multiple dividers


Action through insight leveraging technology and trusted advisor knowhow



Are you getting what you expect from your outsourcing portfolio?


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Tarun Sondhi

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