Six ways technology can help organizations build agility and resilience

Organizations have an opportunity to reopen in a way that wins trust and also delivers benefits long after COVID-19 is under control.

Martin Sokalski

Martin Sokalski

Principal, Advisory, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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Swami Chandrasekaran

Swami Chandrasekaran

Head of Digital Solutions Architecture, KPMG US

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Many businesses across a vast range of industries and sectors have already opened in some capacity or are working feverishly to reopen operations as fully as possible amid COVID-19, while continuing to meet the health and safety needs of employees, customers, and other key stakeholders.

The good news is that a carefully crafted effort can be more than a point-in-time solution. It can deliver benefits long after COVID-19 is under control, including improvements in stakeholder health, safety and engagement as well as enhanced business sustainability.

It’s only when methods are supported by technology and employed in concert, as part of a cohesive strategy, that they can fully deliver on their promise. And that isn’t always easy—especially for large businesses, universities or sports leagues looking to bring thousands or even tens of thousands of people to a single location.

Reopening responsibly involves having a plan (policy, framework, protocols) and digital tools to effectively manage, monitor and mitigate risks as much as possible and to respond quickly and effectively when COVID-19 cases arise.

KPMG helps organizations across all industries navigate uncertainty and prepare for what’s ahead by coupling powerful new technologies with business model and organizational changes that can help deliver value from investments. Our approach centers on the mindset that it’s not just about technology for technology’s sake. It’s about using technology to drive value in the enterprise, enable growth, and build stronger operations and greater resiliency into the future.


KPMG has identified six ways technology can build resilience for business. Download this paper to learn more about how to reopen responsibly, whether that means bringing employees back to workplaces, students back to classrooms, customers into shops, or loyal fans to shows and sporting events. This approach can provide the transparency stakeholders need and it can accelerate ongoing digital transformation initiatives that will build stronger operations and greater resiliency in future crises.