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KPMG Provider Onboarding and Credentialing moves healthcare professionals to the clinic with speed and efficiency.

Bradley Bach

Bradley Bach

Principal, Advisory, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US

Hiring healthcare professionals is more complicated than filling most positions. The journey of onboarding a doctor or nurse can be a long road, jammed with detours for credentialing, privileging, and enrollment. It is a process that calls for automation, yet is still often administered with faxes, back-and-forth e-mail, and even paper forms.

KPMG Provider Onboarding and Credentialing, enabled by ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery, offers a solution that drives onboarding activities across an organization. The technology automates workflow and content for both prospective employees and hiring managers. The right messaging appears for the right person at the right time to move the process along.

Built on a ServiceNow platform, the system helps avoid delays and is efficient, transparent and secure. The solution is a cloud-based tool that is easily customizable with drag-and-drop operations and works with third-party applications, so it can be easily reconfigured for the future enhancements.




Our six-layer model provides prebuilt assets with supporting configurations:

  • Service delivery: Map each activity to where it is best performed
  • People: Define roles and profiles
  • Process: Design non-tech-enabled processes
  • Supporting technology: Design organizational structure; rationalize job descriptions and codes
  • Data and reporting: Design scorecard and core analytics; rationalize reports
  • Governance: Create formal definitions for roles.

Designed with people in mind

Our holistic design approach helps deliver a connected experience centered on the provider. Fields are pre-populated as much as possible with information previously entered into the system. User-friendly applications like Live Chat and Virtual Agent can be deployed, either on a desktop dashboard or mobile phone app. KPMG Provider Onboarding and Credentialing is efficient, transparent, and secure.

Connect with KPMG to see how we can decrease the time needed to complete the onboarding journey so providers can begin treating patients and billing, ultimately increasing revenue. 

Modernize the provider onboarding experience
The KPMG Provider Onboarding and Credentialing solution moves healthcare professionals to the clinic faster and more efficiently.