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Today’s digitally savvy employees expect seamless, easy-to-use experiences both at work and home.

At the end of 2021, the healthcare industry had a huge shortage of employees compared to the pre-pandemic. Turnover continues to be high with the pandemic accelerating these labor shortages. With these ever-increasing workforce challenges, it’s critical to be able to bring newly hired physicians, nurses, and other clinicians and get them working in clinics and serving patients quickly.

In addition, today’s digitally savvy employees expect seamless, easy-to-use experiences both at work and home.  The path for new employees including providers can be complex, often paper-based or cutting across multiple systems and requiring various steps for credentialing, privileging and enrollment.

What’s the solution?

KPMG firms have developed a HR onboarding solution and accelerators to help alleviate the pitfalls and process challenges which can be cumbersome for newly hired employees. Enabled by ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery Module, the solution creates a single point of entry to help engage new employees and help guide them through organizational processes, to get them on clinic floors faster. This solution delivers positive user experiences for new hires by taking a human-centric design approach with a focus on moments that matter for employees.

What “good” looks like for the onboarding process

Enterprise onboarding can be one of the most complex services that organizations implement. However, ServiceNow technology can be used to cut through complexity and connect various departments within and outside of organizations to deliver positive user experiences for new hires. 

Why KPMG and ServiceNow?

Together with ServiceNow, an industry‑leading workflow platform, KPMG digital health solutions help organizations to achieve more value and deliver game‑changing economics across all functions of their enterprises. Our healthcare advisory and ServiceNow teams collaborate to address market challenges, provide in-depth industry perspectives, and leverage the full Now Platform to help enable consumer-like experiences, automate complex workflows, and deliver superior services while helping to drive greater productivity.

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