Restarting America governance framework

KPMG created a playbook and framework on how to implement a thoughtful, thorough, and well organized plan to restart your business.

Samuel Fogleman

Samuel Fogleman

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Michael A. Smith

Michael A. Smith

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As quarantine measures begin to ease, companies know it’s vital to begin reopening their workplaces. But how do you do that safely and efficiently?

You’ll need to determine which employees and business partners can return and when by assessing Community Threat Level and estimating Indivdual Risk. You will likely need to make changes to your workplace, enable new digital tools, and create new relationships with healthcare providers. This will require using an agile approach that creates and builds trust with employees, customers, regulators, and the broader communities that you operate in.

KPMG has used the 2013 COSO Framework to create a COVID-19 governance framework that will help you to manage each of the dimensions across your operational, internal and external reporting, and compliance requirements. We encourage you to read through the Restarting America Governance Framework for more detail.



Risk-based policy framework:

Using medical and public health guidance currently available, we can help clients focus in on the set of decisions that need to be made and develop a risk-based framework to help determine which workers can return to work and in what circumstances



Workforce and workplace considerations:

Our experience and interaction with clients across all industries allow us to anticipate challenges around working remotely, changes to the workplace “new normal,” performance management considerations and ongoing communication; workforce FAQs and training



Partner ecosystem:

Create an ecosystem among employees, healthcare providers and medical insurance companies to obtain and safeguard PHI



Data, analytics and technology enablement:

Our technology enablement capabilities can accelerate the deployment of unique COVID solutions to create consistency and scale during the restarting effort



Program management:

Our ability to coordinate across KPMG, client, and contractor/other vendor teams to help you determine resource capacity modeling, workforce FAQ’s and training, daily performance reporting, productivity