Reaching the other side of COVID-19 | Part 2

The power of data and emerging technology for healthcare organizations

Martin Sokalski

Martin Sokalski

Principal, Advisory, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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Mike Krajecki

Mike Krajecki

Advisory Managing Director, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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Just a few months ago, healthcare organizations were focused on implementing emerging technologies and advanced data analytics to achieve competitive advantage and improve outcomes. Today, embracing innovation to manage the COVID-19 outbreak is arguably a matter of life and death. Since many traditional regulatory restrictions are being lifted, it is a critical time to fast-track technology adoption. In the short term, quick-win and creative deployment models can help healthcare organizations operate with extreme agility while responding to the outbreak. In the longer term, solutions implemented today should be capable of being sustained and improved over time.

Learn in this paper how to adapt your technologies to COVID-19 and beyond:

  • virtual health and future advancements, such as integration with wearables and augmented reality
  • next-generation remote monitoring for COVID-19 patients and, looking forward, those with chronic conditions
  • contingency planning with advanced analytics during the current outbreak and future “waves”
  • distributed ledger technologies for secure information sharing related to matching patients with appropriate treatments, monitoring COVID-19 patients in self-quarantine, distributing limited resources, and, ultimately, tracking vaccination adoption rates.
Reaching the other side of COVID-19
The power of data and emerging technology for healthcare organizations

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