Reaching the other side of COVID-19 via emerging technology

Accelerating digital to power the future of business

Cliff  Justice

Cliff Justice

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COVID-19 has demonstrated why organizations need to adopt and scale emerging technologies, now. New KPMG research, coupled with market signals, client conversations, and data-driven insights reveal that the disruption from COVID-19 could be the platform that translates the potential of emerging technologies into realized value-driving resilience, agility and profitability.

These five innovations, in particular, live up to their promise:



Cloud is the platform for the convergence of technologies required to support the new virtual workplace. Effective remote collaboration is mission-critical – and the cloud is a foundational element to deliver that collaboration.

With scaled automation and AI, companies can increase productivity and scale. Technological advancement will be a key driver of the uptake of automation. AI and RPA have already introduced the world to digital workforces that can take on routine back- and front-office functions.



Trusted analytics provide the insights to improve scenario planning and decision-making. Analytics can help identify the true drivers of business value, both internal and external. This allows leaders operating amidst disruption to step beyond the “what” and “so what” to “now what,” improving predictability and profitability in the new normal.

Blockchain is emerging as a viable technology for use-cases that require multiple organizations to interact with transparency, trust and security. The pandemic exposed a paralyzing lack of connectivity in supply chain dependencies, preventing a view as to where materials and components could be found.



With expanded investment and an emphasis on security, the next generation of broadband promises to change the way we work. A 5G world will bring about an exponential change in the speed, scale and security of the world’s digital connections, from people to products to enterprises. The first major shift, already underway, will be a new workplace paradigm: remote work environments as productive and rewarding as any other.

Power your business, accelerate value

The pandemic has created a global pause and allowed the rare opportunity for a reset. Now is the time to put a relentless focus on data-driven, digital technologies to drive agility and profitability in the new world of work.

The impact of these investments will continue to show long after the coronavirus has receded.

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