Privacy principles and artificial intelligence

The promise and the problem

Orson Lucas

Orson Lucas

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Steven Stein

Steven Stein

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In 2019, KPMG surveyed more than 700 industry insiders and conducted its Enterprise AI Deployment Study to identify trends related to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled solutions.

Our firm made several predictions:

  • AI spending would focus on key areas, including data quality, controls and compliance.
  • Enterprises would look to “AI as a service” providers to deliver third-party solutions.

As 2020 continues to unfold, market trends suggest that these predictions are bearing out.

Third-party platforms and high-profile partnerships are here, with the potential to generate real, positive outcomes. A number of organizations have developed platforms that other entities can use to accelerate the deployment and use of AI.

But even as AI platforms gain traction, new concerns have emerged over respect for individuals’ privacy expectations, the ability of AI solutions to produce useful insights and the impact AI-driven decisions have on people’s civil liberties.