Looking for a better way of working in the cloud?

Fuel your business functions with the KPMG Target Operating Model.

Don Mailliard

Don Mailliard

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Functional transformation can be difficult. Trying to standardize and move to the cloud is challenging. If you don’t want to miss out on the best possibilities, start with the model answer.

Working with the KPMG Target Operating Model, you can overcome the traditional shortcomings of a complex cloud transformation project and elevate business functions from where they are now to where they need to be. KPMG clients using the target model in their KPMG Powered Enterprise transformations have been able to maintain growth with a clear understanding of the consequences to the business, based on better decision making and deeper customer insights. Organization-wide standardization has led to efficiencies, reduced cost and risks through the exploitation of technology. Results can be achieved quickly without compromise in the quality of the business transformation.

Within the KPMG Target Operating Model, we include these six "layers"


Process: This frames your world. Everything that happens is part of a process. 


People: Who does what, the reporting lines, required skill sets, roles and responsibilities.


Service delivery model: What will get done and where. Identification of what capabilities are delivered and how.


Technology: The environments, applications and integrations that enable and automate process.


Performance insights and data: What will be reported and how. Defines the information requirements, KPI framework, structure and master data governance to drive business insights and optimized decision making.


Governance: How it will be overseen. Defines segregation of duties, internal controls and policies that should exist.


Read our document to understand how all six components of the Target Operating Model relate to each other and are important for creating an integrated and highly functional solution.

Looking for a better way of working in the cloud?
Start with the model answer and deliver your transformation vision in the cloud.