Paths to Value for the Data Executive

Data Executives are growing in numbers, but they are not all the same in their journey toward driving value.

Robert Parr

Robert Parr

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Thomas Haslam

Thomas Haslam

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Finding the right path to value

Modern organizations are recognizing the importance of data executive roles. Most Fortune 1000 companies have established a Chief Data Officer (CDO). In many organizations, the role is seen as a mission-critical function, comparable to IT, business operations, HR and finance. As we forge deeper into the digital age, the scope of responsibility for the data executive grows progressively more data driven as a whole. This includes more traditional data supply chain components and data governance, as well as analytics to AI.

With such a mission-critical position, the average tenure of a Data Executive is only a mere 2.4 years, fueling an urgency for data executives to consciously and deliberately choose their path to value.

Each industry and organization offer a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The challenge for the data executive is to understand the path to value that aligns with the organization’s strategy and to execute on the chosen path.

How can data executives drive towards the right paths to value for their organizations?

This publication identifies five paths to value based on over 200 responses to a joint KPMG and MIT survey of data executives covering six (6) industries. Current and future forward industry-level perspectives are explored.