The mission of the cloud-centric CISO

Uncovering cyber leader priorities and challenges

Laeeq Ahmed

Laeeq Ahmed

Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG US

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Brian Jensen

Brian Jensen

Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG LLP

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A report in the Oracle and KPMG cloud threat 2020 series

The final installment of the this series dives into the executive responsibilities around security, risk, and compliance, with a look at how CISO engagement can be a highly enabling success factor to the line of business leader. This report helps you learn how to effectively engage the CISO and how they are the key to your success in your area of business.

The digital transformation CISO

Watch the video for a discussion on topics covered in the report and more. 

Speakers include: 

Brian Jensen, Advisory Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG LLP

Greg Jensen, Sr Principal Director of Security, Oracle

Doug Cahill, VP and Group Director, ESG