One decision can severely impact your business. Why risk it?

KPMG helps you onboard third parties with confidence and speed.

Is your business protected when you bring in new vendors, suppliers, distributors, and contractors? For many organizations, allocating the resources, time, and effort for this critical task can be daunting.

There is an easier way to ensure you are ready to make informed decisions about third parties without sacrificing the opportunity to move quickly.

KPMG Integrity Due Diligence delivers quality, professional-grade services for organizations of all sizes. It is designed to complement and extend your due diligence capabilities, enabling your business to:

• Generate rapid assessments and obtain results within hours rather than days
• Free up resources to focus on higher-value activities
• Avoid government-imposed fines and penalties
• Be ready for new regulations and requirements

“Should I do business with this entity or individual?”

Our industry-leading due diligence model helps you answer this question through:

  • People with decades of experience around the globe
  • Process using a professional-grade approach designed for organizations of all sizes 
  • Technology combined with advanced analytics using thousands of data sources

Gain confidence in the quality of your third-party relationships

More than just assessment. Your business will get more insight into third parties by using two approaches that complement each other—accessed according to your needs:

Decisions at the speed of business
Assessments for rapid approval uses predetermined risk screening criteria to scan massive databases for adverse issues ranging from litigation to sanctions. Using deep-web analytics, machine learning, and proprietary intelligence, we analyze tens of thousands of data sources—in over 20 languages across six categories of risk—to help you make better decisions.

Increased diligence for higher-risk third parties
Enhanced due diligence provides in-depth analysis for higher-risk relationships using KPMG’s research specialists. In addition to language experience, our people have access to over 40,000 sources of information and can help you identify and analyze the most elusive third-party intelligence and red flags. We conduct more than 50,000 in-depth investigations each year, many of which are highly customized and involve deep domain and location knowledge.

More than just assessment

To achieve the full power of exceptional due diligence, there must be focus on your business and the processes you need to be successful. KPMG’s solution has the added benefits of our years of experience and understanding of the policies and procedures that drive good decision-making. We help you look beyond the functional processes and procedures so you can focus on how to meet your goals. We help you think about impacts to people, governance, rules, and policies. This is important not just for today. It puts structures in place to manage changes to your business model as you grow and evolve.

We help your business perform without unnecessary disruption

With KPMG Integrity Due Diligence, our focus is on value for your business. Our service is flexible and delivered on demand, so you can choose what you need and when you need it. And it’s driven by deep experience, access to technology, and thousands of information sources.



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One decision can severely impact your business. Why risk it?


Tarun Sondhi

Tarun Sondhi

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US