KPMG Powered Enterprise | Risk enabled by MetricStream

Build trust by harnessing risk with advanced risk and compliance functions.

Lisa D. Rawls

Lisa D. Rawls

Americas GRC Technology Service Network Leader, KPMG US

+1 703-286-8591

Prasanna Govindankutty

Prasanna Govindankutty

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

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Eric C. Parker

Eric C. Parker

Advisory Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG LLP

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Continuously reframing risks as a source of competitive advantage is a necessity in today's business environment. Organizations that realize this can become industry leaders and can reap benefits from innovation, consumer trust and market share. 

Enabled by MetricStream, KPMG Powered Enterprise | Risk (Powered Risk) is an outcome- and insight-driven risk and compliance management solution serving as a value generator for the future-focused organization—allowing it to proactively manage the risk/return equation to deliver a competitive advantage. Utilizing MetricStream as the core of an integrated risk ecosystem, our Powered Risk clients are able to identify, assess, mitigate, monitor and report on risk and compliance exposure, and therefore enhance stakeholder trust.

Powered Risk enabled by MetricStream offers data to form strong insights on risk and compliance posture, vital for managing and monitoring Enterprise Risk Management/Operational Risk Management (ERM/ORM). 


What's in the box?

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Risk enabled by MetricStream provides a combination of leading practices and processes, tested technology solutions and a next generation delivery framework.

  • The KPMG Target Operating Model shapes how transformation plays through every layer of your organization. 
  • The KPMG Powered Execution Suite is an integrated platform of next generation tools to help deliver functional transformation.
  • KPMG Powered Evolution provides access to specialized resources to drive continuing evolution. 

Benefits to expect

  • market-leading, agile, cloud-based capabilities
  • industry-leading risk management processes
  • support with migrating key policy, compliance, risk, and issues content
  • an array of assets and accelerators
  • a global network of experienced practitioners
  • transformative outcomes with reduced delivery risk and increased speed to value.


KPMG's experience

KPMG member firms teams have been working with MetricStream solutions for a decade. Our service excellence has earned us several recent MetricStream GRC journey awards. 


MetricStream implementation projects

~ 30

MetricStream-certified professionals


KPMG professionals have deep experience helping clients transform their governance, risk and compliance functions. We work with CROs, CCOs, CIOs and Internal Audit executives to understand their needs and help them implement their programs and processes in MetricStream. Utilizing our experience, leading practices and accelerators, we have successfully delivered tangible outcomes for our clients. Those include risk activities coordinated across three lines of defense, efficiencies through automated control testing, and enhanced reporting of risk and compliance posture. Learn more in our brochure.

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Risk enabled by MetricStream
Build trust by harnessing risk with advanced risk and compliance functions.