A new model for maximizing value from martech

Improve return on investment and the quality of customer experiences with a holistic approach to managing marketing technology.

Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

Principal, Advisory, US Customer Advisory Leader, KPMG US

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Today, marketers tend to seek niche tools and capabilities to drive competitive advantage, make siloed purchase decisions, work with point solutions from multiple vendors, and neglect user adoption and training. Many consider and finance marketing technology (martech) investments through the marketing operating budget, often without building a supporting business case. This approach often results in duplicative functionality—the overlap of software and capabilities across solutions—and inefficient utilization of martech capabilities.

A new holistic model for sourcing and managing martech can address the challenges of continuous technology change with the need for alignment with organizational goals. It facilitates rational and analytical martech decision making and draws insights from diverse stakeholders. It is accountable to the organization, ensuring that business cases for martech investment are strong and ROI is measured. Further, it seeks to integrate solutions to reduce costs and create efficiencies.

In this paper, explore the founding four principles of this holistic approach to martech management and steps organizations can take to implement them.


A new approach to managing martech

Explore the KPMG LLP perspective on how marketers can maximize value from martech investments to deliver stronger measurable returns.