Making the connection: Employee experience drives customer experience

Leading companies embrace “workplace as an experience” which inspires employees to deliver the target customer experience.

Julio J. Hernandez

Julio J. Hernandez

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Jeffrey Mango

Jeffrey Mango

Managing Director, Advisory, Customer Solutions, KPMG US

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Transforming the customer experience requires that organizations adopt an equally methodical approach to the employee experience. The same customer engagement strategies that improve attraction, motivation, and retention, when applied to employees, help build a customer-obsessed culture.

Our research shows that index-leading companies apply the language of the customer to the employee. Employee segmentation, propositions, and employee net promoter scores are all becoming core organizational capabilities, no longer confined to the marketing department.  

Learn the six fundamental components that connect the employee experience to that of the customer.  

Making the connection: Employee experience drives the customer experience
Learn how to deliver an exceptional employee experience which will naturally lead to CX excellence.