Living in an AI world

Artificial intelligence across five industries - healthcare, financial services, transportation, technology, and retail

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Todd Lohr

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The Living in an AI World 2020 study: Achievements and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence across Five Industries survey was designed and conducted to assess the perception of AI as it relates to five specific industries: healthcare, financial services, transportation, technology, and retail.  This research serves to uncover the pain points, perceived risks and challenges of U.S. companies related to AI. It shows that while there is some variation in AI adoption across industries, there is also a depth of engagement that is highly encouraging.

Living in an AI World
Achievements and challenges in artificial intelligence across five industries


In order to offer our readers a deeper dive into the nuances across each of our five industries, check out our five separate industry reports.


Across industries, respondents report that AI is changing the way they do business – from improving access to medical care in the healthcare field, to detecting fraud in financial institutions, to improving traffic management systems in transportation, to helping companies run more efficiently in technology, to mitigating customer service issues in retail.

The findings in this report are based on the results from a survey of 751 U.S. business decision-makers with at least a moderate knowledge of AI in their industry.

Most importantly, this report confirms that AI is starting to have real impact. 

From the research, it’s clear that to most industry insiders, AI is not about a future promise. It’s here now – changing the way companies operate today and having deep and wide-ranging impact on their industries. But it’s also clear that these insiders expect AI technologies to deliver even greater benefits in the future.