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Don't just manage risk, profit from it

Powered Enterprise | Risk (Powered Risk) is KPMG's flagship offering for risk transformation, integrating our forward-looking point of view on risk managment and deep industry knowledge with leading cloud technology and global delivery capabilities. It helps risk and business professionals answer important questions:

  • How can risk and compliance functions dynamically respond to emerging risks, as well as increasingly complex regulations and regulatoryenforcement actions?
  • How do I respond to stakeholder mistrust in how we handle their data, and how can the risk function allay their fears?
  • How do I get value from my risk and compliance data and inform business decisions?
  • How can I change the organization's mindset and culture to embed risk management across all operations?
  • How do I proactively manage the magnitude of risks, compliance obligations, and issues facing my business?

Powered Risk’s outcome- and insight-driven risk and compliance management can be a value generator for the future-focused organization—allowing it to proactively manage the risk/return equation to deliver a competitive advantage. It delivers on the promise of deploying capabilities to help an organization identify, assess, mitigate, monitor, and report on risk and compliance exposure to help enhance stakeholder trust. A trusted business has the opportunity to be the most confident and disruptive innovator on the block. 

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Risk is enabled by market leading platforms, including MetricStream & ServiceNow enable KPMG Powered Risk.

Imagine greater


Real-time risk reporting to help drive new strategies and improve upon existing ones


Reduced project timelines and cost savings linked to the efficient delivery and implementation


Services-driven risk design that adapts to your changing business requirements with reduced re-work


A risk program that enables trust with internal and external stakeholders


Related insight


Powered Enterprise is a full suite to help you design, scale, and evolve your transformation. 

Our framework provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success.

Design: Target Operating Model

We've distilled our cloud migration experience into pre-built components in six critical areas:  functional processes, people, service delivery model, technology, performance insights and data and governance.

Scale: Powered Execution Suite

We use an integrated, pre-configured set of methods and tools to take the complexity out of implementation, with reduced risk. Tested. Effective. Fast.

Evolve: Powered Evolution 

We provide specialized managed services so you get lasting value from your cloud investment. As technology platforms and applications evolve, our highly skilled global delivery network keeps your business functioning at its peak.

Lisa D. Rawls

Lisa D. Rawls

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Eric C. Parker

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Don Mailliard

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