Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals

Helping the energy, natural resources and chemicals industries transform performance in a challenging, yet dynamic market.

Olli Valikangas

Olli Valikangas

Principal, Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG US

+1 312-665-3436


The energy, natural resources and chemicals industries are experiencing a fundamental reset driven by multiple market forces that will increase pressure on performance; KPMG Elevate can help.

In recent years, the energy, natural resources and chemicals industries have faced intensifying disruption from numerous sources, including the impacts of geopolitics on supply and global prices, looming energy transition and the ESG agenda, the role of technology, and changing consumer preferences impacting demand patterns. The impacts of these forces are reverberating across the value chain in different ways, but driving a common set of challenges to transform businesses and enhance performance. Our energy, natural resources and chemicals team advises clients from upstream companies to fuel retail, working with integrated majors, to independents and regional corporate or PE-backed players.

KPMG Elevate: Rigorous, Rapid, Real partnership, Results driven

Whether dealing with a crisis or looking to outpace competitors, you need tailored help from a firm that can help deliver rigorous, rapid results with real partnership –the team at KPMG is helping companies elevate by using proprietary tools.

We provide business-changing strategies within weeks based on rigorous, predictive analysis of your operating data. Then we partner with your team to execute sustainable solutions that will have a substantial impact on your bottom line – often within the same fiscal year. 

Our commitment is to help take your company’s performance transformation aspirations and link them to real bottom line results.


What do leading companies do to raise performance?

When times are tough… and the market changes…

When opportunity arises… and it is time to take the next step…

Leading companies elevate… elevate to meet the challenge… elevate their performance to the next level… elevate to a new reality…

This means harnessing knowledge, developing a realistic plan, and having the will to make change happen.

KPMG Elevate is our way to help you start your journey, and quickly deliver enhanced profitability.

Our next-generation data analytics capability, the KPMG Intelligence Platform, identifies the best areas to focus on. We then partner with you to take the right steps to lift your bottom line.

What makes Elevate different? Elevate is rigorous – assessing your full organization at a granular level… it is rapid – delivering speed to value… it is results-driven – focusing on the areas with the most opportunity… and it is based on real, reliable partnership.

It is time to Elevate. Let KPMG help you raise your performance today.

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