Performance improvement…In healthcare and life sciences 2021 is going to be a year to buckle up!

The HCLS industry has morphed to address the COVID-19 pandemic, from the development of new drugs, diagnostics, and ways of delivering care to keep our populations safe. The key is balance.

Kristin C. Pothier

Kristin C. Pothier

Global & National, HCLS Deal Advisory & Strategy Leader, KPMG US

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Video transcript

Good morning good afternoon and good evening,

My name is Kristen Pothier, I'm the global head of healthcare and life sciences strategy at kpmg and I'm here today to talk to you about performance.

I would say our healthcare and life sciences industry has been at an advantage in this world our patients are getting older, they're getting sicker and they constantly need new ways of delivering health care to themselves and their family what this does is allows us to innovate and bring to them brand new types of businesses to meet their needs 2020 we are in the middle of a global disease-driven pandemic and of course the healthcare and life sciences industry is front and center in this our industry has had to evolve again delivering new drugs new diagnostics and new virtual ways of delivering care to our patients but the key here is balance innovation comes at a price and all too often we see our innovation and the cost around innovation really getting away from us that's where kpmg elevate comes in elevate programs work with your company across the healthcare and life sciences industry to shape up your performance to think carefully about the decisions you're making around innovation and to really make the best decisions on that deal are on that strategy moving forward elevate programs are based on experience they're based on discipline and they're always based on a global lens when you think about 2021 healthcare and life sciences is going to be again front and center and we have better be ready to buckle up let our elevate programs help you today.