Organizational transformation

COVID-19 has exacerbated existing business challenges for some companies while creating new ones for others. Both circumstances require agile, precise enterprise-wide assessment and improvement. Elevate, the next generation of KPMG’s Performance Improvement offering, provides proprietary data-driven insights combined with industry experience to enhance commercial performance, optimize costs and unlock capital to invest in new opportunities.

Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin

US Strategy Service Line Leader, Deal Advisory & Strategy, KPMG LLP

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I'm Scott Rankin and I'm the advisory leader for consumer and retail KPMG. 2020 has certainly been one of the most challenging years and decades for many organizations, but many companies are successfully navigating through these challenging times. Today I want to introduce and share with you KPMG's new performance improvement offering called Elevate which has been developed to help firms drive rapid and sustained ebitda improvement. Elevate focuses on three specific areas to achieve results. First, we leverage deep data and analytics to ensure commercial efforts are focused on the markets products channels and customers that matter most. After years of economic expansion, many companies actually lose money in certain segments. Now is the time to put emphasis on the areas that actually deliver profit. Second, our approach builds a bottoms-up view of every line item to improve efficiency and reduce cost across the entire enterprise. This includes areas such as indirect and direct procurement, logistics, inventory and supply chain and overall gna spend. Do-more with less is a common theme these days, and market leaders are making that happen. Third, Elevate unlocks dollars to invest in areas that are necessary for long-term growth and overall competitiveness. Not surprising, digital is one of the few areas that is getting significant funding in today's environment. These capabilities are no longer just nice to have, and if the past six months have demonstrated anything, it's the digital is now a requirement to succeed in today's marketplace. In summary, Elevate enables leading organizations to be commercially focused, efficiency driven and investors in the digital capabilities needed to improve performance in today's challenging market environment.