Business performance improvement…The clock is ticking

The next generation of KPMG’s Performance Improvement offering, provides proprietary data-driven insights combined with industry experience to enhance commercial performance, optimize costs and unlock capital to invest in new opportunities. Leveraging proprietary data sources and benchmarks, Elevate brings together thousands of industry-focused practioners and hundreds of data scientists to offer businesses rigorous and practical insights that create rapid and sustained EBITDA impact.

Per Edin

Per Edin

Principal, TMT Strategy, KPMG US

+1 408-367-6080

Video transcript

Hi and welcome, my name is Per Edin and I lead the strategy practice for tech media and telecommunications at kpmg i'm here today to introduce our brand new performance improvement offering called elevate.

Elevate is a program designed to help your company rapidly improve your financial and operating performance in the new reality world we now live in elevate is also tailored for the unique challenges that tech media and telecom companies face in this changing dynamic market fully recognizing that kobe digital and all the other trends will not impact you equally depending on which subsector and part of the ecosystem you happen to be in elevate combines five key capabilities to address most of the challenge we see a lot of companies struggle with today firstly industry depth it's key to help forecast the demand for your industry but also to benchmark your performance or against the most relevant peers in the market today and with data that's relevant for this era functional excellence to find improvement opportunities across all the areas of the company they're going to be critical to change and to do that simultaneously not sequentially ranging from sales and marketing to hrit and operations change management to align the mindsets and behaviors of your people to the new performance level requirements this is key in any change but particularly hard in a home a work from home environment data analytics and ai is more key than ever. 

It's now proven a practical use for real life operations and if you haven't built your machine learning engines and have predictive algorithms in there you are falling behind and finally speed the ability to drive design execute multiple cross-function initiatives at the same time to drive rapid top line bottom line performance within this fiscal is really really key and really hard so, if you fear that yesterday's tools and approaches not going to solve today's challenges reach out and help us let you elevate your performance tomorrow.


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