KPMG Data strategy survey: Key findings

How commercial real estate companies can progress on their enterprise data management journeys

KPMG 2020 Data strategy survey

There were 188 respondents to the KPMG Data Strategy Survey that included various real estate leaders and technology professionals.

The data strategy study focused on gaining an understanding of data management trends in the commercial real estate industry, including data governance, capture, aggregation, analysis and visualization. The overarching goal was to identify how real estate companies are approaching data strategy, the challenges these companies face, and how far along they are on their data strategy journeys.

Respondents: Regions

Respondents: Type of company*

*Percentages have been rounded and as a result do not total 100% 


Does your organization have a data strategy?




outsource some aspect of data management to a third party.


use Excel as their primary analytical tool.
Yet, 69% say they are too reliant on Excel.


indicate their plans for data strategy implementation have been accelerated due to remote working / COVID-19.


store and access data via a centralized data repository.
For larger companies, it’s 60%.*

* Larger companies have assets under management of US$5 billion


Most say financial management and analysis is the top task for which they use data to drive insights today. Only 28% are using data to drive insights for improving tenant or investor experience.

Organizational tasks for which data is driving insights

n=181. Multiple responses allowed.

A majority cites enhanced decision-making as the most important reason to implement a data strategy now. Only 32% believe increasing customer/tenant satisfaction is important now.

The most important reasons to implement a data strategy now

n=183. Up to three responses allowed.

Twenty-five percent of data strategy survey respondents say they are sharing building data with tenants, with another 34 percent not yet sharing data but considering doing so.

What are some of the data signals that your organization is considering capturing in your buildings?

What are some of your concerns about capturing data signals in your buildings?


Cost 58%

Data privacy

Lack of technology

Lack of available workers

Ability to analyze/interpret the data

No concerns

n= 131. Multiple responses allowed.
n=171. Multiple responses allowed 

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