KPMG American worker pulse survey

Workers are adapting—but many still need more support

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KPMG LLP, in early April 2020, polled 1,000 full-time and part-time workers across a range of industries and company sizes. The KPMG American Worker pulse survey explores what workers are telling us about where they are struggling, and what companies should do next.


Forced to change how and where they do their jobs, American workers are demonstrating remarkable resilience, with the right support from their organizations.

8 in 10

who transitioned from an office to working remotely say they felt prepared for that change and that their teams have adapted well.

7 in 10

who say they are actually collaborating better.




Productivity appears to have held fairly steady.



of workers say their productivity has improved while



of workers say it has worsened.



The higher they are on the corporate ladder, the more likely Americans are to find work more challenging now.


of management say their job has become more demanding.



Still, many employees are struggling to adapt to this new environment.

60% say their job has become more demanding, with nearly half (49%) characterizing it as overwhelming.

More than half say their mental health has worsened and are finding it difficult to achieve a good work/life balance.

Concerns about job loss, including 67% who worry that technology could replace them.



Despite challenges, Americans are proving to be resilient and discovering new ways to work.

  • 82% say their teams have effectively adapted to working together.
  • 70% say they are collaborating better as a result of COVID-19 changes.

of workers say their employers did a good job of clearly communicating work changes and expressing concern for their employees’ well-being.

★ Most interestingly, the KPMG American Worker pulse survey reveals those that report feeling appreciated and valued by their employer were more likely to successfully transition during this time.


Respond to the new reality with confidence: key considerations for employers

COVID-19 and the American worker
Download the infographic here.